Amy Duggar: '19 Kids and Counting' Niece Born Out of Wedlock

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Amy Duggar, niece of the 19 Kids and Counting patriarch Jim Bob Duggar, made a startling admission recently that no doubt shocked some people within their tight-knit Christian community. The aspiring country singer was born out of wedlock.

It seems the tabloids gained access to this information first, but Amy Duggar backed up their claims.

"The tabloids are telling the truth, my mom and dad did have me out of wedlock. Just because we are Christians doesn’t make us perfect, it just makes us forgiven. Just because I share the Duggar name doesn’t mean my life is perfect! God knew my uncle would have a hit show and that somehow I would be apart of it. He knew my parents story would be told. How amazing is that?! Your testimony is everything. Everyone struggles, and sins differently. but Jesus paid it all!!" she wrote in an Instagram post.

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The 19 Kids and Counting part of the Duggar family are known for their strict, conservative Christian lifestyle. Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar, nee Jill Dillard and Jessa Seewald, both got married in 2014. Neither young woman kissed her groom until saying 'I do.'

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar insist upon their sons and daughters 'courting' instead of dating, meaning a chaperone is present at all times. Once a Duggar child becomes engaged, he or she and the prospective husband or wife can then engage in hand holding.

Amy Duggar provides a more real look to the Duggar clan. She's living proof that just because one identifies as a Christian, they aren't perfect. That's not what Christianity is all about.

Kudos to Amy Duggar for being open about her past. Do you think she would have done so, however, had the tabloids not published word of her being born out of wedlock first?

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