Amy Adams 'SNL' Monologue Crashed by Kristen Wiig

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Amy Adams hosted SNL this past weekend, and her opening monologue was crashed by SNL alum Kristen Wiig. This wasn't the first time Wiig had done this to Amy Adams either.

According to a report from the Huffington Post, Wiig did the same thing while Adams was hosting Saturday Night Live back in 2008, too.

Amy Adams was in the middle of her own rendition of "We Need A Little Christmas" when Kristen Wiig made her entrance. Wiig claims she didn't crash the scene, but rather "showed up uninvited."

Entertainment Weekly didn't think much of Amy Adams's stint on SNL this weekend. In fact, when comparing her with Justin Timberlake, who hosted last year's pre-Christmas show, they didn't have much that was positive to say.

The publication seemed to think more of a sketch that was cut prior to showtime, during which Pete Davidson plays a man professing his love to Amy Adams, a la Love Actually.

Davidson starts off in the same fashion as Mark (played by Andrew Lincoln in the film), telling Adams to explain to her husband that it’s just Christmas carol singers at the door. But his declaration of love takes a few strange—and extremely unnecessary—turns.

Did you check out Amy Adams on Saturday Night Live this past weekend? Was she nearly as boring as EW made her out to be? Would she have received a better review had Justin Timberlake not hosted last year's show that aired just before Christmas?

You can check out Amy Adams in a theater near you when her upcoming film Big Eyes premieres on Christmas Day.

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