Amy Adams Locks Lips With Jennifer Lawrence


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In their newest movie, American Hustle, set to debut in theaters on December 13, Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence share a an intimate moment...a kiss!

The kiss was not originally in the script, but Adams thought that it would be a good edition for Lawrence's character because she is portrayed as someone that needs to overpower and take control of all situations.

"The director ( David O. Russell) brought it up to me and was like, 'Amy thinks that you should kiss her in a scene,' and I was like, 'What? Why?' I didn't understand it," Lawrence explained. "Then when we started the scene... it completely made sense. My character has a toxic need to be in control and to overpower a situation... I did not think it made sense before David called action and then as soon as we were in the scene, it happened organically because it was just so true."

Adams went on to explain her reasoning behind suggesting that her co-star make the moves on her. "It's sort of like a confessional and a power struggle and our characters are both so desperate and so angry... and I said, 'Well, what if my character kisses her because that's the ultimate chess move.'" After they had filmed the scene, Adams said: "She killed it. It didn't feel sexy, it felt toxic... I did not kiss her back. There's no like participatory element to it at all there."

American Hustle will appear in select theaters December 13, and then everywhere on December 20.

Image via Wikimedia Commons