Amy Adams in Talks for Sci-Fi Thriller Role

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Amy Adams is in early talks for a role in Dennis Villeneuve's upcoming sci-fi thriller Story of Your Life. The American Hustle star is in line for the role of an expert linguist hired by the military to determine whether aliens who have recently invaded the world are peaceful beings or if they present a grave danger to life on earth instead. As she becomes accustomed to communicating with the aliens she experiences unusual flashbacks that are apparently key to understanding why the aliens have landed all around the world.

Villeneuve recently spoke about the film, saying he hopes it will tell an "inspiring" tale.

"It's very poetic, and a strong take on an alien landing on Earth. It's very original, very fresh and very inspiring," he added. ''I'm very excited about that project. I'm supposed to shoot it at the beginning of 2015.''

This is very different from the past roles Amy Adams has played. In addition to American Hustle, she has starred in The Fighter, Man of Steel, and Her--to name just a few.

Story of Your Life is based on a Nebula Award-winning short story by Ted Chiang. And given its sci-fi aspects, it's not just new to Amy Adams, but to the film's director, too. Dennis Villenueve lacks experience in the genre as well. He is best known for last year's film Prisoners, which starred Jake Gyllenhaal and Hugh Jackman.

It's always interesting when both directors and actors go out on one of those proverbial limbs and try something vastly different from what they are accustomed to doing. Sometimes it can result in something amazing when translated to the big screen.

Amy Adams is a versatile, incredibly talented actress. Some of that versatility--and her innate sense of humor--shines through in a recent interview she did for Vanity Fair.

Lots of what Amy Adams does on the big screen results in multi-media coverage. It is likely expected that Story of Your Life will be no different.

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