Amnesty International Lets You See What It's Like To Be Tortured

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Perhaps this video would hit a lot closer to home for the American population if it was released during George W. Bush's reign, but as it stands, if the following video by, uploaded by Amnesty International, doesn't leave an impression, you probably watched too much Jack Bauer; although, even as a 24 fan, it's nice to be able to separate fact from fiction.

What we have is a video called "Hooded," and it was created to give viewers an idea of what it's like to be captured, abducted, and tortured, all while having your face covered with a hood. As you might imagine, it's powerful stuff, and if you were unsure about where you stood on the sensitive subject, it might just illuminate the subject with a stronger light:

According to Amnesty International's description, the video was created for the following purposes:

'Hooded' is an exploration of visual and auditory senses to convey the horrific nature of torture. It combines extensive sound design with abstracted visuals to provide a disturbing experience. It is a powerful reminder that torture is barbaric and never justifiable.

This film has been made as part of Amnesty International's Security with Human Rights campaign, which aims to end abuses of human rights which take place in the context of terrorism, countering terrorism and national security.

The video is available in the following formats, as well, which should help salve those who feel like Amnesty International is targeting the United States:


The group also provides a link to their page requesting the United States government apologize for the treatment of Maher Arar. If you're unfamiliar with the story, you might want to address that.

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