Amish Filmed Moving House by Hand

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A small borough of a few hundred residents in Pennsylvania called Spartansburg is home to an Amish community that was recently filmed moving a 24' by 36' house by hand. Spartansburg resident Perry Clabbatz was amazed to see roughly 80 people carrying the structure off its foundation to a new location, and quickly whipped out his smartphone began filming the event.

Clabbatz commented, "I knew they were going to do it; the landlord told me ahead of time. I just didn't realize it was going to happen so soon."

Last weekend, Clabbatz posted the clip to his Facebook page - "My Facebook is lighting up," Clabbatz said. "My relatives in Seattle, Los Angeles, and North Carolina are getting a real hoot out of it."

Here's the clip:

The video has garnered over 37,000 Facebook shares so far, and has also appeared on Today Show earlier this week. Clabbatz commented that he is "pleasantly surprised" with the attention his video has received, and explained that his Amish neighbors are "going to build a bigger house. They're turning (their old house) into a workshop."

Home relocation by hand is nothing new in the Amish community. Here an entire barn is moved with manpower:

Clabbatz went on to explain that his Amish neighbors featured in the house-moving video likely have no idea how popular it's become, and doesn't think it would be of any significance to them regardless. "They're quiet folks," Clabbatz noted. "They don't look for the media spotlight."

The Amish make up a community of traditionalist Christian church fellowships which Swiss Anabaptist origins. The group is known for simple living, plain dress and an aversion to the many conveniences of modern technology. In the early 18th century, droves of Amish people immigrated to Pennsylvania, and continue to speak Pennsylvania German, also known as "Pennsylvania Dutch."

Though, not all Amish recognize the prescribed mode of simple living. The Discovery Channel's poorly reviewed series of "select re-enactments" entitled Amish Mafia depicts members of the community driving Cadillacs, brandishing assault rifles and using smartphones.

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