American Pie's Jason Biggs Parodies Jason Russell's Post-Kony 2012 Naked Incident


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Remember American Pie? No, not Don McLean's moving tribute to Buddy Holly. I meant the late-nineties teen flick where Jason Biggs's character famously copulates with an apple pie. Yeah, that one. Well they're making another sequel, called American Reunion (I hear the working title was "Dead Horse"), and the cast has been on tour promoting the new film. As a part of that promotion, male lead Jason Biggs stripped naked in the halls of of Chicago's WGN news station, in an apparent parody of Jason Russell's public nudity incident last week. Leave it to a guy who pantomimed screwing a turnover to drop trou while making fun of another guy's stress-related breakdown.

Some people believed that the incident involving Invisible Children Co-founder Russell was a publicity stunt to promote the activist documentary Kony 2012, though Russell's family has stated that his breakdown was the product of "brief reactive psychosis," a short-term stress-induced psychotic episode. But there's no doubt that Biggs's stripping was a publicity stunt to promote his new movie. And sadly, it worked. I'm writing about it right now.

WGN Morning News reported that Biggs's cohort requested to film an interview on the show with their own personal cameras, then continued filming Biggs as they were leaving the building. WGN caught Biggs's strip show on its hallway security cameras. Sean William Scott steps in at one point and Biggs goes from half-naked to all-naked. It's blurred, so probably safe for work, but be cautious where you play this.

And because I might as well, here's the official trailer for the upcoming American Reunion.

[Photo Cred: WGN Morning News]