American Airlines Reports Teen's Terroristic Tweet


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There are few things in this world that are quite as annoying as spoiled teenagers attempting to troll about non-laughing matters.

No matter how hard these clueless youngsters try, the reality of terrorism in a post-9/11 world is never going to be funny to anyone with any kind of sense. Especially when the company you choose to send your threat to is none other than American Airlines.

Today's fail comes courtesy of a teenage girl named Sarah aka @QueenDemetriax_.

For reasons that are still hard to fathom, young Sarah thought it was a good idea to tweet the following threat to the American Airlines Twitter account on Sunday morning:

Being a 14-year-old sometimes means being unable to fully appreciate the serious nature of one's disturbing actions:

Of course things could stop being funny immediately depending on where this person lives. Terrorist threats, even if fake, can get you in serious trouble. She may find herself in jail or facing a heavy fine.

There's also the fact that this person will go viral for all the wrong reasons: Making a terrorist threat against American Airlines and being reported to the FBI.

Her tweet and the consequences are absolutely documented. Forever.

Gone are the days you could do something stupid as a kid and no one would find out.

When she applies to a college and they do a thorough background check, this will most likely pop up during their search.

When she applies for a job in ten years and competition is particularly fierce this could be what costs her.

While we can all sit back and shake our heads at the folly of youth, it is a sad reminder how clueless a generation of kids are about the permanent nature of information on social media. I suspect this teen is in for a rather rude awakening.

Speaking of which, I'm sure her parents are going to be very amused when they get wind of this.

...Good luck, Sarah!

Image via samir mezrahi, Twitter