Amber Rose: How Did Her Butt Get Involved In A Murder Trial?

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Padge-Victoria Windslowe, aka the Black Madam, is currently on trial for the death of breakdancer Claudia Aderotimi. Windslowe, a hip-hop artist, has been doing unsanctioned buttocks injections on the side and this led to Aderotimi’s death after Windslowe allegedly hit a nerve that sent silicone to Aderotimi’s bloodstream. Windslowe name-dropped her way into the trial, claiming that she has done the procedure for many celebrities including Amber Rose. According to Windslowe, Rose signed up for the procedure before she got famous. She called Rose a “walking billboard” for her work.

Black Madam: “I was the best, and I don’t mean that to be cocky.”

During cross-examination, Windslowe testified that Rose was brought to her by Kanye West for one procedure when the two were still dating. She also revealed that she was also supposed to perform a “correction” for hip-hop superstar Nicki Minaj, however, that never ended up happening. Rose and Minaj have yet to respond to Windslowe’s allegations.

Assistant District Attorney Carlos Vega asked Windslowe why her clients chose an unlicensed practitioner rather than experienced LA surgeons and Windslowe simply said, “I was the best, and I don't mean that to be cocky.”

Windslowe, whose birth name is Forrest Gordon, got the Black Madam moniker when she ran an escort service employing male, female, and transgender sex workers. “It's set up like a friendly date, but I'm not naive about what goes on,” she said. “They're doing something. It's not just escorting.” She stopped the escort service after her father passed away in 2003.

Two other women testified that they spent months in the hospital due to injuries sustained from Windslowe’s procedure. One of the women was 23-year-old stripper Sherkeela King, who claims that she received an injection on a dining room table at a “pumping party” that sent her to the hospital vomiting blood.

Windslowe is currently being charged with third-degree murder over Aderotimi’s death.

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