Amber Portwood: 'Teen Mom' Cuddles Ex Gary Shirley's New Baby

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Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley have long had their differences. It seems like the two have mended their faces recently, however. Gary Shirley--Amber Portwood's ex, and father of her daughter Leah--recently had a baby with his new girlfriend, Kristina. And guess who was spotted cuddling that new little baby?

That's right--it was the Teen Mom OG star.

Us Weekly reports that there's a perfectly good explanation for Amber Portwood's cuddles, but things still sound fairly amicable between all the adults in little Leah's life.

Gary Shirley and Kristina welcomed their daughter, Emilee Grace Shirley, into their lives on April 30th. It seems Amber Portwood stopped by the hospital to pick up Leah--and enjoyed a bit of baby cuddling time when she did.

Gary even thanked Amber Portwood via Twitter.

Small wonders never cease. Did you ever expect to see such civility--not only between Amber Portwood and Gary Shirley--but where his girlfriend is involved, too? It seems Amber and Gary really have grown up and changed their ways.

This is probably the best thing that could ever happen to Leah. Knowing that Amber Portwood, Gary Shirley, and each of their significant others can all get along (Amber Portwood is now engaged to Matt Baier) likely makes Leah feel like her world is fairly secure.

And there was a day--not so long ago--when that was about the very farthest thing from the truth.

Have you been catching Amber Portwood on the latest Teen Mom adventure--Teen Mom OG?

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