Amber Heard Talks Filming In Depp's Adopted Country

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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp made things official late last year, with Heard flashing a giant engagement ring when they were spotted out together, and now she's filming a movie in the country he made his own: France.

Heard spoke recently about the important part Paris plays in the action film, "3 Days To Kill", in which she plays an FBI agent.

"Paris is a central character in the movie. Paris is an important element," she said. "Paris is rich and textured and beautiful and has so much history and depth to it that it kind of made for a really interesting backdrop, because I'm sliding off the hood of a car, shooting a gun and getting in crazy fight with these gangsters. And I'm jumping over bodies and shooting the bad guys and all this stuff. Then I look around and there's the Arc de Triomphe right behind me and then there's the Eiffel Tower, and I'm in a gun fight in the middle of these cobblestone streets. It's just a really bizarre world sometimes!"

The blonde beauty says she learned a lot about her craft from Kevin Costner, whom she described as a "force to be reckoned with".

"Kevin is wonderful. He is such a -- both on and off camera -- he's a wonderful person, a great actor," she said. "He's a great force to be reckoned with. I was surprised and really taken with what it was like to work with him because you learn so much. He's also a filmmaker and there's a different - there is something that changes when you work with an actor who also is a filmmaker. They approach it differently, they interact with you differently."

Heard and Depp turned some heads when they appeared on the red carpet together on Wednesday night for the premiere of the film, which will be released in theaters next week. The pair reportedly got engaged at Christmastime but didn't go public with it until later due to Depp's split from longtime partner Vanessa Paradis. Paradis, a popular actress and singer from France, turned Depp on to the lifestyle in her home country. The couple built a life there with their children and even had their own vineyard and wine-making facilities.

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