Amber Heard Says Johnny Depp Split Rumors Nothing But "Horrible Misrepresentation" of Their Lives

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Amber Heard and Johnny Depp have been followed by split rumors since shortly after they wed. During a recent interview that appears in the December issue of Marie Claire, Amber Heard says she and Depp are doing just fine.

"I try not to react to the horrible misrepresentation of our lives, but it is strange, and hard," she says.

It was less than a year ago--in February of 2014--when Amber Heard and Johnny Depp got married. The couple practically disappeared from view until September, when they surfaced at the Venice Film Festival.

"They're adorable together," a source tells E! News, adding that Amber Heard and Johnny Depp looked very much in love in the theater, where his film Black Mass was screening. The two shared lots of PDA. The source adds that despite split rumors, things have long been fine with the couple.

"They've always been together," the source shares. "They travel for work then come home. They live together and are very much in love, despite what's being said about breakup rumors."

Amber Heard even reportedly enjoys being a stepmother to Johnny Depp's two children--Lily-Rose Depp and Jack John Christopher Depp III.

"[It is] an honor and the greatest, most surprising gift I have ever received in my life," she says of the relatively new role. "I feel new flavors that I didn't know existed. New colors that I didn't know existed have been added to my life. I'm so happy."

Prior to marrying Johnny Depp, Amber Heard was involved in a long term relationship with another woman. She doesn't want to talk about that these days, however.

Amber Heard spoke about her sexuality with the The Times this past summer, however.

"I don't want to have to deny my sexuality in order to be me. But I don't want to have to be defined by it," she said. "I'm fundamentally opposed to trying to edit myself to be palatable or popular. I don't give a f--k. I fight, but I shouldn't have to."

Apparently Amber Heard and Johnny Depp aren't fighting. Per her latest interview, the two are just fine.

Do you see Amber Heard and Johnny Depp's marriage lasting? Are you among those who have questioned it from the start?

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