Amber Heard Gives Cops The Middle Finger In 'Overhaulin’ Prank

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A very angry Amber Heard will be seen in a new episode of Overhaulin’ as her husband Johnny Depp and her father teamed up to prank the actress.

Heard was made to believe her car 1968 Mustang was stolen so she reported the incident to the police. The 29-year-old actress got impatient as one of the cops got starstruck with the blonde beauty and started to take photos.

"I'm sorry about this," one of cops says to Depp of his associate who is busy taking pictures instead of helping them. "He gets really starstruck. We met Jean-Claude Van Damme one time, and we had to, like, get a restraining order."

Heard gave the officer the middle finger when he tried to take a picture of her but the officer who apologized for the other officer’s behalf is now posing for a snapshot saying “Officer Douglas, if you're gonna (take photos), just come over. Let's get one for the newsletter.”

The actress gets really angry as the police do not seem to take their jobs seriously.

“Get my car back!” Heard says to the cop. Officer Douglas, the cop who takes the photos, asks for a selfie but the actress totally loses her patience and declines.

Heard’s car had been stolen more than once in the past. When the police officers revealed she is on Overhaulin’ Heard was surprised, especially when her father appeared. Heard’s embarrassed face after the revelation is epic.

Heard says the car means so much to her as she bought the car with every dime she had. What surprised the actress the most is seeing her ’68 Mustang overhauled and looking brand-new in its cherry red paint job, and the one who retouched the car incidentally, is “Officer Douglas.”

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