Amber Cornwell: Facebook Question Before Suicide

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Amber Cornwell, the 16-year-old North Carolina teen who took her own life on December 20th, posed a question to her Facebook friends shortly before her suicide.

The Henderson County teen, who is believed to have committed suicide as a result of profound bullying, was laid to rest on the day after Christmas--a day when most teenagers are asking one another what they received for Christmas gifts.

Amber Cornwell asked in her final Facebook post, if she were to die, "Would anyone cry?"

Sierra Crochet knew Amber since the 1st grade. She spoke to reporters outside of the Jackson Funeral Services during the time of visitation.

"I've been crying for days now," she said, in answer to her friend's Facebook question.

"She had that sense of humor that could a smile on your face," friend Stephanie Hernandez said.

It certainly seemed like Amber Cornwell had lots to live for. She was an A/B student, a tennis player, a dancer, and member of the All County Chorus.

Family members feel certain bullying drove her to take her life.

"They were just calling her names," Crochet said. "And called her names and said she had no future and had nothing going for her."

"They were really mean, they'd say stuff to her face, behind her back," Hernandez added. "They'd message her on Facebook."

In the wake of Amber Cornwell's untimely passing, both Sierra Crochet and Stephanie Hernandez want to see action taken to combat bullying.

"And start a group in every Henderson County school," Crochet suggested.

Hernandez believes that bullies have short-term memories.

"I mean, yeah, they've shed a few tears but I don't think they've learned anything," Hernandez says.

They wish they would have known Amber was on the brink of suicide.

"I'd be in my mom's car going to her house," Sierra says. "I wouldn't even think twice about it."

A vigil celebrating Amber Cornwell's life was held on Saturday.

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