Amazon VIPs Get To Try Out Kindle Fire HDX For Free


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Are you still trying to decide which tablet to get yourself or a loved one this holiday season? It's a hard choice, especially when you can't try out the device yourself for a bit to see if your life would be improved by it. Well, Amazon has a new offer that you may be interested in.

Phandroid reports that Amazon is now giving away Kindle Fire HDX models and the Kindle Paperwhite to "VIP customers" for free. Of course, these aren't gifts, but merely a free one month trial period to see if you like Amazon's new devices. After the month is up, you can either send it back at no charge to you, or keep it and be charged its normal price.

Free trials are nothing new, but it's definitely an interesting way to market a tablet. After all, most people forget they're even on a free trial after the first week and then end up getting charged for the product after the trial period is over. Would the same thing happen to somebody trying out a tablet for a month? Probably not, but sticking with the tablet for a month will undoubtedly push some consumers over the edge into buying it.

Unfortunately, this promotion isn't available to everyone. As mentioned above, Amazon is being incredibly selective with the promotion and only sending invites to customers that it considers to be "VIP." We have no idea what that means, but it probably means customers who are Amazon Prime members. Even then, you also probably have to do a lot of your shopping on Amazon to be considered eligible for the offer of a free one month Kindle Fire HDX trial period.

While it may not be the same as a free trial period, check out previous Kindle Fire HDX coverage to see if it's the tablet for you this holiday season.

[Image: Amazon]