Amazon To Open Fulfillment Center in Connecticut


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It seems like Amazon is announcing a new fulfillment center every other week now. Far be it from me to criticize the online retailer though as the new warehouses create jobs and serve customers more quickly. Now prospective workers and Amazon customers alike can look forward to a new fulfillment center in Connecticut.

Amazon announced today that it intends to open a new fulfillment center in Windsor, Connecticut. The new warehouse will lead to the creation of more than 300 full-time jobs in the community.

“Amazon is excited to bring hundreds of great full-time jobs to Windsor that offer competitive wages and programs like Career Choice where we will pre-pay tuition for employees to pursue their education in high-demand fields,” said Mike Roth, Amazon’s vice president of North America operations. “We are grateful to the state and local elected officials who have supported Amazon in bringing jobs and investment to the Constitution State.”

It's been said before, but it's worth repeating. Amazon is a pretty great place to work as the company offers pay that's 30 percent higher than the average, a range of benefits and a program it calls "Career Choice." The program allows Amazon employees to pursue degrees in any field they wish, even those not related to Amazon, and the retailer will pre-pay up to 95 percent of the tuition.

“We are thrilled for Amazon to join the Windsor community, bringing full-time jobs and investment to the area,” said Mayor Don Trinks of Windsor. “The importance of having a company like Amazon in our town and adding new jobs cannot be overstated. We are proud to welcome Amazon to Windsor.”

One interesting thing of note is that Amazon is only looking to hire around 300 full-time employees. Other fulfillment centers run by the online retailer employ thousands so what makes this warehouse different? Amazon notes that this fulfillment center will be solely dedicated to the shipping of large items, like televisions and kayaks, so the reduced need for employees is understandable.

If you want to more about opportunities at Amazon's many fulfillment centers across the U.S., check out the official site.

[Image: Amazon]