Amazing 29.6 Carat Blue Diamond Found In Africa


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Amazing diamonds are often found in Africa, but a recent discovery of a rare blue diamond has the industry excited. A mining company called Petra Diamonds discovered the 29.6 carat blue diamond in the Cullinan mine.

The Cullinan mine has given the world some of the biggest and most beautiful diamonds ever to be found. It was also the source of the 1905 Cullinan Diamond, which is considered the largest rough diamond ever found, weighting 3,106 carats. It is currently part of Britain's Crown Jewels.

"By some margin ... this is probably the most significant stone we've ever, in terms of blue stones, recovered," said Chief Executive Johan Dippenaar. "The stones in the last year or so are selling well above $2 million per carat. That's not my quote, that's updates in the market."

The large diamond is said to be the size of an acorn and could be worth millions. Analyst Cailey Barker at brokers Numis said the diamond could fetch between $15m and $20m at auction.

The firm has owned the diamond mine since 2009 and several other large diamonds that have been discovered in the mine have sold for $16.9 million for a 25.5 carat blue diamond and $16.9 million for a diamond called the Star of Josephine.

Petra Diamonds has not said what they plan to do with the diamond, but are expected to release a statement about their plans within the next week. Some large diamonds are split into smaller ones and sold separately. Since the large diamond is so rare, it is likely that the company will keep it in tact.

What do you think of this amazing diamond and what do you think the company should do with it?

Image via YouTube.