Amanda Seyfried Talks Kissing Session With Megan Fox


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Amanda Seyfried is a workaholic, plain and simple. She even admitted it herself.

In an interview with W magazine, Seyfried said that she has trouble going on vacation, and when she does go somewhere to get a little rest and relaxation, she can't seem to enjoy it.

"I was at a resort, and I thought, 'I should be loving this, but I wasn't getting anything done, and that terrified me," she said. "When I feel like I'm not accomplishing something, I feel like I failed that day. I guess I missed work."

Seyfried's last film was the Linda Lovelace biopic entitled Lovelace, and if you remember, she also played the character of Needy in the 2009 film Jennifer's Body, along with Megan Fox--and the two had a pretty hot kissing scene.

Seyfried said the now infamous scene worked really well, and it came out just like the director wanted it to, and that mainly had a lot to do with how both actresses kiss in real life.

"We kissed really well together," said Seyfried. "We have similar kissing styles. If I watch the scene, it's actually really sexy...We got it done for the masses, and sadly the masses didn't show up."

For some reason the film didn't do well sales-wise at all.

Next, the 28 year old actress will be playing in the Noah Baumbach directed film While We're Young, and in it, she'll be playing the role of a Brookylyn hipster, which was a stretch for her, because she's the farthest thing from being cool, she says.

"In Noah's film, I play a hipster girl who lives in Brooklyn," explained Seyfried. "And of course, I am not part of that world. It was fun to try to be that girl. In real life, I'm not sure anyone sees me as hip."

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