Amanda Peterson: Mother Says The Death Of "Can't Buy Me Love" Star Was Definitely Not "A Drug Thing", Though She Had Drug History

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Amanda Peterson, star of the 1987 classic Can't Buy Me Love, was found dead in her Greeley, Colorado apartment on Sunday.

And while some speculate that Amanda Peterson, aka Cindy Mancini, followed a familiar Hollywood washout's path, her mother says this couldn't be so.

Amanda Peterson's mother, Sylvia, said that her daughter struggled with depression and sleep apnea. However, she added that she had no major heart problems or anything else that could have caused her death.

She also stated that Amanda Peterson had previously lived in a house with mold, but she had moved out over two years ago.

So what was it that caused Amanda Peterson's untimely death?

While the family of Amanda Peterson awaits further toxicology reports, her mother is confident that there were no drugs involved, though she admitted that Amanda has a history of drug abuse.

Her mother is confident that Amanda Peterson has been clean for a long time.

She stated, after Amanda Peterson's death, "This was not, in any way, a drug thing."

Amanda Peterson quit acting a long, long time ago, and for good reason. She seemed to see the path that she was about to go on and wasn't interested.

Amanda Peterson said in a 1988 interview, "Hollywood especially tries – well, I don't know if it tries to or not -- but it cliches these teenagers and it's really bothersome."

She continued, "After a while every guy is trying to lose his virginity and every girl is whatever and, you know, they're like party animals."

That is a pretty good assessment by Amanda Peterson of what the movie industry was like, and continues to be like.

What do you think happened to Amanda Peterson?

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