Amanda Bynes Tweets About Adolf Hitler


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Amanda Bynes has been known to make some strange tweets, especially recently and especially concerning her parents.

Bynes stayed quiet on Twitter for a few days, but she is now back to posting her strange tweets.

She recently tweeted about Hitler and Germany, but later deleted the bizarre references.

"Adolf Hitler tricked the Germans into believing that Jews were less than the Germans and that they should be segregated and then killed," Bynes tweeted, followed by, "But Germans who feel that Adolf Hitler was incorrect aren't guilty in my book."

Although these tweets weren't as crazy as they could have been, many people are wondering where they came from?

It seems like Bynes may just be tweeting some of her feelings and opinions about random topics. She posted a few more random tweets about ugly people and rudeness as well.

The posts have nothing in common with each other, other than their randomness, but it seems like Bynes might be giving her fans and followers a glimpse into how her mind works.

Bynes has been suffering from an alleged mental illness for a while now and has been in and out of jail as well as psychiatric hospitals over the last few months. Her parents have tried to help her, but it has only caused problems between them and tweets from last week revealed that Bynes and her parents weren’t even speaking.

Bynes claimed that her parents cut her off from her own money and wouldn’t let her get her hair done, buy new clothes or stay in a hotel.

When Bynes was photographed sleeping on a couch in a local mall, she blamed her parents for not allowing her to have any money to stay in a hotel or rent a place of her own.

Heidi Montag offered her guest house to Bynes, only adding to the bizarre situation.

Hopefully Bynes can get some help and shed some light on the meaning of her recent posts.

Until she gets the treatment and medication she needs for her mental illness, it’s likely that more strange tweets will follow.