Amanda Bynes to Have Psychiatric Hearing This Week

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Amanda Bynes' wild bout with freedom appears to be over. The 28-year-old former actress is currently under a 72-hour involuntary psychiatric hold at a Las Encinas Hospital in Pasadena, California.

According to a CNN report, Bynes' immediate future will be decided soon during an administrative hearing to be held this week. The hearing, which Bynes' parents will not be attending, will decide whether the involuntary hold can be extended to 14 days. In order to extend the hold Bynes' doctors will have to prove that the former actress is a danger to herself.

This is the second involuntary psychiatric hold that Bynes has been under. In July 2013 Bynes' was placed under a similar psychiatric hold following months of odd and illegal behavior.

Bynes was charged with driving under the influence in April 2012 after a hit-and-run incident involving a police cruiser. Following that incident Bynes moved to New York City and began to display unusual behavior, tweeting topless pics appearing naked in a tanning salon. The actress was arrested again in May 2013 for possession of marijuana and reckless endangerment for throwing a bong out of her Manhattan apartment window.

After moving back to the Los Angeles area Bynes was placed under her first psychiatric hold following an incident where she started a fire in a stranger's driveway. Bynes' parents were able to gain conservatorship over their daughter soon after and Bynes began long-term psychiatric treatment.

For a while it seemed that Bynes had made a full recovery. The former actress was attending a fashion school and appeared to have gotten control of her issues.

The conservatorship ended in mid-September of this year and almost immediately Bynes found trouble. She was arrested again on September 28 for driving under the influence and again journeyed to New York City.

Her increasingly bizarre behavior culminated last week with the actress tweeting allegations of sexual abuse against her father. Bynes later recanted those statements, saying instead that a "microship in (her) brain" was responsible for them. According to CNN that tweet is expected to be used by doctors during her upcoming hearing to prove that Bynes could be a danger to herself.

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