Amanda Bynes Spotted In NYC Sporting A Bandage And Talking To Herself

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On Friday, Amanda Bynes landed in New York City and was spotted wearing a bandage on her face at the airport. According to TMZ, Bynes was spotted in LAX the night before, behaving strangely. The news follows her arrest for driving while under the influence last Sunday, September 28 in Los Angeles, for which she made bail at $15,000.

A source told E! Online that Bynes was seen on Thursday at LAX at Gladstone’s Restaurant around 11 PM alone. She reportedly sat in a booth that was meant for groups, but was allowed by the restaurant to continue sitting there because of her celebrity status. According to the source, Bynes asked for napkins before she even placed an order.

“Amanda was at the table by herself with all her makeup spread out across the table. She was talking to herself and putting on a ton of makeup. She would apply some, look in her compact and make weird pouty faces and they say to herself, ‘OK, that looks fine,’” said the source.

The witness added that Bynes had ordered a Shirley Temple and coconut shrimp, but left the restaurant after only 20 minutes. “She had a really weird gait to her, she was power-walking with posture like a pregnant woman. It was bizarre,” the source said.

Daily Mail also reported that eyewitnesses saw Bynes walking around LA on Thursday, talking to herself. She reportedly went to LA Buns & Co. and ordered food and a drink, but confessed to not having money to pay for it. An employee at the restaurant reportedly let Bynes take the drink without paying, and Bynes left the restaurant with it before walking up and down Santa Monica Blvd. The employee claimed that Bynes had “a strange black thing around her head” and “looked really confused.”

People close to Bynes have reportedly said that the 28-year-old actress will have to pose a danger to herself or to others before they can take action to get her help.

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