Amanda Bynes Shares Photos Of New Healthy Look


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Amanda Bynes has battled some inner demons over the last few months, but it looks like all of her hard work and struggles have paid off and she seems to be doing better than ever.

Bynes completed a rehab program and moved in with her parents at the end of 2013. She stayed on her best behavior, followed her probation requirements and even received good news at several of her court dates.

Bynes appears to be proud of her new look and lifestyle and shared photos of herself at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise Debut Runway Show in Los Angeles. Bynes attended the event on Friday, accompanied by her parents.

Bynes shared the photos on her Twitter account. Her Twitter page was once a place where she posted bizarre photos of herself in colored wigs, went on strange rants and fought with other celebrities. After her legal troubles, Bynes shied away from Twitter and other social networks and has only recently became active on them again.

Bynes wore a pair of brown pants and a black blouse to the event. Her hair was down and in loose waves. She seemed to be a healthy weight and in good spirits.

"Amanda got there about 20 minutes before the fashion show started," said a source who also attended the event "She looked really good!"

"She was sitting front row at the end of the runway," the source added. "She was laughing and smiling when she was talking with the people in her group."

Bynes's parents have become very protective of their daughter and she is rarely seen anywhere with out them. A judge recently commended them on how well they had cared for their daughter after her troubles and helped to turn her life around. Bynes is currently enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles and appears to have a new outlook on life.

What do you think of her progress and new look?

Image via Wikimedia Commons