Amanda Bynes Reappears on Twitter, Posting a Self-Portrait Drawing

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Amanda Bynes returned to her official Twitter account Monday to post what appears to be a self-portrait she said she drew herself.

"Hey my loves! Here's a drawing I did! ily :D" Bynes wrote.

The drawing is a penciled portrait and appears to be Amanda Bynes herself.

The image is the first post Amanda Bynes has sent out in months and it is a much more positive tweet than has been the norm over the past year or so.

Amanda Bynes, who has reportedly been diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder, has had her ups and downs played out in her social media posts that range from disturbing rants to periods of complete silence.

Before Monday's tweet, she last posted updates in December on her plans to return to school.

"I took a USC campus tour yesterday it was sick! I plan on transferring from FIDM," she wrote on Dec. 17. "The campus is sick!"

Amanda Bynes remains under the conservatorship of her parents after she was involuntarily committed to a mental hospital.

A June 23 hearing is set to evaluate her progress.

Meanwhile, Amanda Bynes reportedly has been posting from a secret Twitter account, under the name Ashley Banks. The account posts photos of Amanda Bynes and tweets daily, and although it seems like it may be posts from the actress, the rumors are unconfirmed.

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