Amanda Bynes: Queen Of Tweet And Delete

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Amanda Bynes never ceases to impress with her tweets. I mean that in a bad trainwreck sort of way, but lately, the bizarre world she lives in is getting a little more interesting.

After biking and aimlessly wandering around New York City with a bandage on her cheek and a special ring on her important finger, at least one of Amanda Bynes' odd accessories was thought to be accounted for.

Amanda Bynes explained the ring that is on THE finger to In Touch Weekly last month.

Amanda Bynes said that she is engaged to a 19-year-old guy named Caleb. He lives in Costa Mesa in Southern California and works in a bait shop.

Bynes also admitted her dreams for a family with her new beau, saying, “I want boys, for sure. However many I can pop out."

She added, "I don’t want a gorgeous girl around. Then I [would] feel way jealous. Ew.”

Ew, indeed.

However, Caleb denied the whole thing, saying they never even went on a date. They just became friends in rehab.

Then there was this, which may or may not show at least some of Caleb:

And this, which is assumed is also about Caleb:

Amanda Bynes also told a story of her stolen bag, mentioning Caleb.

However, most of her tweets have been removed back to November 10th in what is becoming a common Amanda Bynes move dubbed the "tweet and delete".

What do you think about Amanda Bynes' latest round of tweet deletes? Do you think she is still seeing Caleb and are they engaged?

I guess we will just have to wait and see.

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