Amanda Bynes Proves Rehab Is Harder Than You Think


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The Amanda Bynes DUI situation is a major disappointment to fans and onlookers, but perhaps not all that shocking.

Even her own family admits that there were signs that the 28-year-old former child star was falling off the wagon.

However like everyone else, they wanted to believe the best.

Earlier this year, it seemed that Amanda had gotten her act together. She had completed rehab and enrolled in fashion school. After announcing that she was giving up acting, Bynes said she planned to make a splash in the fashion world.

She seemed so much the anti-Lindsay Lohan to the public.

However the DUI arrest earlier this week and subsequent revelation of Amanda’s true state has since snapped everyone back to reality: Years of deterioration are not so quickly and conveniently undone.

In recent days it has been revealed that Amanda Byne's improving fortunes were anything but.

Bynes was kicked out of fashion school because she would allegedly show up high and had supposedly paid other students to do her work for her.

Amanda was recently spotted in New York City with a band aid on her face, a cigarette in her hand, and a rather dazed expression on her face.

In recent images, Amanda looks far closer to the erratic and messy images we saw of her before she went to rehab. Allegedly the troubled star was seen out and about high and talking to herself, definitely not a good sign. Instead it signals a heartbreaking turn of events.

Bynes as the fresh-faced and smiling figure we saw in May is starting feel like a distant memory.

It’s not certain what can be done to help Bynes, who has a court date coming up on Oct. 23rd. It’s quite possible that her recent antics may result in the young starlet getting into serious trouble this time around.

Amanda's fans are no doubt hoping for a renewed attempt at rehabilitation.

Onlookers must remember that persons who go to rehab can only get the best of the experience if they are willing to fully commit during the process and beyond departure from the program.