Amanda Bynes & Others Who've Been Busted For Pot


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With recreational marijuana use now being legal in Colorado, there's been a lot of pot talk lately, and not just within the weed smoking subculture, but all over the place. And now that actress Amanda Bynes will possibly avoid additional trouble for being caught with a bong last year, we wanted to see what other famous people have been arrested for the controversial ganja leaf.

Fiona Apple- In 2012 the famed singer and songwriter was arrested for having pot on her tour bus in Texas. Evidently, she didn't realize that tour buses are the first things police tend to search at checkpoints. Apple was stopped in Sierra Blanca, Texas, where celebs like Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson have been stopped before.

Robin Thicke- A couple of years ago, the "Blurred Lines" singer had a little blurry vision of his own when he was arrested for pot possession in New York City. As the story goes, Thick was sitting in a car parked car with a buddy, when police approached the vehicle and arrested him right on the spot. Recently, the 36-year old singer said he spent about $500,000 on weed in his lifetime.

Macauley Culkin- I guess we now know what Culkin was doing when he was left home alone, as the former childhood star was busted for pot in 2004 in Oklahoma. But it just wasn't the sticky-icky that police found on him, Culkin was also arrested for possessing Clonazepam and Xanax.

Dawn Wells- Who would of thought that cute little Mary Ann would be put on six months probation for having pot, but that was the case when Dawn Wells was arrested back in 2008 for having it in her car. Afterwards, when Wells was making her TV rounds and talking about the incident, she said the pot wasn't hers, and it must have belonged to a friend since she lent him his car. Which of course is one of the most common excuses ever.

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