Allison Williams: "Girls" Star Dishes About Lack of Specific Skills

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Allison Williams is good at lots of things, and she's not afraid to admit to things she isn't good at. In a recent interview for Harper's Bazaar, she acknowledges her biggest weakness, but it's really not that bad at all.

"I am the world’s worst cook," the Girls star admits in the December/January issue. "Not only am I bad at it, but I also have some kind of inability to learn."

Williams, who is the daughter of ousted NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams, says there's a typical scenario that plays out each time she tries to cook.

"The salad is done first and is soggy by the time you eat, the pasta is al dente, but not in a good way," she explains. "And I’m perpetually worried that the meat is going to poison everyone, so it ends up being black."

Allison Williams got married to Ricky Van Veen in September. Does this weakness mean she doesn't feed her husband?

"It’s a nightmare, so I just order in," she said.

Even though Allison Williams can't cook, there are certainly plenty of things she does well. She's an exceptional actress. She is a stunning fashion model, too. In fact, she talks about her favorite go-to styles in her interview.

"When it comes to my style icons, I’ve always had a thing for the K’s: Keaton. Kelly. Kruger. Kate. Katharine," Allison Williams explained. "They all represent sophisticated fashion that’s also full of life. After all, clothes are fun -- it’s dress-up for adults. I’d like to call my style easy, timeless, and rustic preppy (if that’s a thing), which most often translates as endless button-downs, a chic pair of boots, a good variety of sweaters, and my staple--jeans."

Surely those close to Allison Williams will forgive her for her lack of cooking skills.

She makes up for it in so many other ways.

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