Allison Williams Cast as Peter Pan in NBC Live Show


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Over the past year, the world has gotten to know a secret side of NBC Nightly News's Brian Williams - that being the fact that the man can rap. Thanks to the time and effort from Jimmy Fallon and crew from The Tonight Show, Williams has now been featured in seven rap videos, spitting lyrics from Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch all the way to N.W.A. And, with the latest announcement from NBC, we now know that this singing skill is a hereditary trait that his daughter, Allison, has inherited.

NBC's live production of Peter Pan will debut on December 4 of this year. It was earlier confirmed that NBC had cast Christopher Walken as Hook, and yesterday the network announced its decision for the casting of Peter Pan:

(Yes, that is an adorable, yet highly embarrassing, father-daughter moment between Brian Williams and his daughter on national television.)

While some people may scream about the apparent sidedness of said decision -

- others are terribly excited about the talents that Allison Williams brings to the stage as one of literature's greatest protagonists of all times:

Williams, relatively new to acting, currently stars in HBO's hit series, Girls, and has made appearances in Mindy Kaling's The Mindy Project. While her role as Marnie on Girls is drastically different than anything she will have to do to portray Peter Pan, she has displayed one skill which made her very attractive to NBC executives - singing.

Not only will Williams have to sing her way through NBC's live performance, she will also be responsible for flying and sword-fighting, a combination of skills which will challenge the 26-year-old actress like no role ever has. Luckily for her, she has been training for said role for quite some time.

NBC executive Robert Greenblatt voiced his excitement over the casting of Williams, stating, "We couldn't be happier that Allison Williams is our Peter Pan. She's a lovely rising star on the award-winning show Girls—where she occasionally shows off her incredible vocal talent—and we think she will bring the perfect blend of ‘boyish' vulnerability and bravado to save the day against Christopher Walken's powerful Captain Hook."

NBC is hoping to ride on the coattails of its most recent live production this past Christmas season - The Sound of Music. Despite criticism of Carrie Underwood's performance, the broadcast picked up approximately 21 million viewers, a number NBC could not afford to pass-up with another live show.

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