Alligator Creeps Its Way To Walmart

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Ok, so this is not the first time we've heard about alligators sneaking their reptilian tails into our habitats. Over the years, alligators have been discovered taking swims in pools, relaxing on lawns, slipping through doggie doors, and hanging out in houses awaiting the arrival of dinner. Breaking and entering is not a newly acquired skill for these creatures, and so it should not be too surprising to see an alligator walking around at the store. But Floridians in an Apopka Walmart were amazed anyway when they spotted an alligator casing the joint.

Well, actually they were kind of scared, and the employees locked the doors of the Walmart and called the police as if Godzilla were attacking their low-price-city. The alligator had found its way to the entrance of the store and was causing the automatic doors to open and close. That was when shoppers discovered it. A customer by the name of Robin Watkins was one of the patrons that got a glimpse of the alligator: "Well, we were inside just picking up a few things for tomorrow, and someone inside said 'There's a 'gator at the door', so... we came out and it was right against the door. I mean, you could see it." Watkins also added, "It was neat to see, but I'm glad they locked the doors for safety 'cause I do have my child with me."

Police blocked off the locations where the alligator was quietly sneaking around. Police then attempted to lure the alligator away from the store. The police efforts lasted for about an hour. The alligator finally retreated into the woods which are located behind the store. It is said that the alligator more than likely came from those woods because there is a pond located there. The alligator did not injure or attempt to eat anyone during its shopping trip.

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