Allen Iverson Confronted Over Kidnapping Accusations [VIDEO]


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Earlier this week, former NBA all-star Allen Iverson was accused of kidnapping his own children. Iverson's ex-wife, Tawanna Iverson filed court documents stating that Allen took the couple's five children on a vacation on May 22, but has not returned them. Tawanna won full custody of the children in the couple's 2010 divorce, claiming that Allen had been abusing alcohol and gambling heavily.

In the court papers, Tawanna claimed that Allen was living with the children in a hotel in Georgia. Now, an Atlanta reporter has tracked down the hotel named in the document and confronted Allen about the kidnapping accusations.

Jeff Hullinger, a reporter for Atlanta's NBC 11, staked out a Sheraton Suites hotel in Cobb County, waiting for the former NBA star. When Allen did appear in the parking lot, it was with the children he is accused of having kidnapped. The reporter questioned Iverson as he walked to his car and bucked his children into their seats. When asked if he wanted to see the court documents, Iverson replied, "The say I stole my own kids?" He was then evasive over whether the accusations were true.

"If that's what you believe, that's what people think I'm crazy enough to do then so be it," said Iverson. "I ain't never treated fairly. I don't expect to, I don't expect to be.