All The Ways They Killed Kenny [Infographic]


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While Matt and Trey have, for the most part, stopped killing Kenny, his deaths have long been a South Park staple. In fact, the creative duo explained how Kenny's lifecycle works in the "Mysterion Rises" arc, but when they performed something of a "throwback" Kenny death in the latest episode, it let's you know how ingrained it is within the South Park universe.

Now there's an infographic detailing the many deaths of one Kenny McCormick, and as you can see, the character has been absolutely brutalized by the South Park creative team:


The information was complied by, and they got their data from the South Park wiki.

While doesn't have a compilation video of Kenny's deaths, they do have a bunch of embeddable clips. Here a few that stood out to me:

Any particular Kenny death that stands out as a favorite of yours? Let us know what you think.