Alix Tichelman Had a Long History of Drug Abuse


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A former housemate of Alix Catherine Tichelman, who police say injected a fatal dose of heroin to a Google executive who repeatedly paid her for sex, had a drug habit that had likely progressed into full-scale dependence.

Google executive Forrest Hayes was found dead on his yacht in Santa Cruz, California last November, and authorities initially concluded that it was due to his overdosing on heroin. Seven months later, police have uncovered new video evidence taken from Hayes’ yacht, “The Escape,” which reveals he may have been murdered by Tichelman.

Mariya Armario, Tichelman's former housemate in San Francisco, said she saw a pattern of drug abuse begin to advance years ago. "She clearly was likely way gone in her addiction," Armario said.

Tichelman, 26, a high-priced call girl, was seen injecting Hayes with heroin in the footage obtained by police, before Hayes fell unconscious after his overdose. Santa Cruz Police Department Deputy Chief Steve Clark revealed that Tichelman did nothing to help Hayes, and commented that she was “so callous that in gathering her things, she was literally stepping over the body and at one point stepped over the body to grab a glass of wine and finish the glass of wine.”

Hayes, 51, a married father of 5, had met Tichelman on a sugardaddy website called SeekingArrangement. The night of Hayes death was not the first time he and Tichelman had met; the two had an ongoing prostitution arrangement.

Armario said Tichelman used the internet to find clients, and commented, "She said they would just pick her up on dates and buy her things and give her money. I asked her if she had to sleep with them and she said she never did ... but that's what they all say."

The state of California is currently preparing to formally charge Tichelman with manslaughter for Hayes' death.

Image via Youtube