Alix Tichelman Back in the Courtroom

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Public defenders representing Alix Tichelman, the northern California call girl charged with murdering Google executive Forrest Hayes aboard his yacht last November, have suggested that other women had visited the deceased before their client did, and have asked the prosecution for access to more surveillance footage.

Jerry Christensen, one of three public defenders representing Tichelman, commented outside Santa Cruz County Superior Court on Friday, “We have some indication from other materials that there may have been some previous encounters on the boat."

Hayes was found dead on his 50-foot motorboat, and authorities initially concluded that it was due to his overdosing on heroin. Seven months later, police have uncovered new video evidence taken from Hayes’ yacht, “The Escape,” which reveals he may have been murdered by Tichelman.

Tichelman, 27, a high-priced call girl, was seen injecting Hayes with heroin in the footage obtained by police, before Hayes fell unconscious after his overdose. Santa Cruz Police Department Deputy Chief Steve Clark revealed that Tichelman did nothing to help Hayes, and commented that she was “so callous that in gathering her things, she was literally stepping over the body and at one point stepped over the body to grab a glass of wine and finish the glass of wine.”

Santa Cruz County Judge Timothy Volkmann granted Tichelman's counsel access to more footage. Christensen commented, “We’ve always been curious in regard to Mr. Hayes’ receptiveness, if not welcoming purchase, of drugs. It would make a great deal of difference in regard to the drug crimes.”

Hayes, 51, a married father of 5, had met Tichelman on a sugardaddy website called SeekingArrangement. The night of Hayes death was not the first time he and Tichelman had met; the two had an ongoing prostitution arrangement.

Tichelman is charged with manslaughter, prostitution and the transportation and sales of narcotics, and faces up to 15 years behind bars. She is presently being held on a $1.5 million bail.

Larry Biggam, another of Tichelman's attorneys, remarked, “The evidence we’re missing is more related to Forrest Hayes, who he is, what’s his character, his habits, his compulsions. I think that evidence is relevant to explain why he was on the boat, why there were drugs present and why he was shooting heroin with a young woman.”

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