Alexis Bledel: Will There Be A Gilmore Girls Movie?


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Alexis Bledel is probably best known for her role as Rory Gilmore on the CW original series Gilmore Girls.

Bledel's character was the daughter of Lorelai Gilmore, played by Lauren Graham. The series ended after seven seasons, and left fans wondering what happened to the famous Gilmore girls.

Now, seven years later, Bledel and Graham have moved on to other roles. Graham is currently starring on the television series Parenthood, and Bledel has previously been appearing in a cameo on Mad Men.

While nothing is set in stone, there has recently been speculation that Bledel and Graham will be returning to Stars Hollow for a Gilmore Girls movie, especially after Graham revealed, during a Reddit chat, that she had been in touch with the producers.

When asked about her off-screen relationship with Bledel, Graham replied that she loves her, and still sees her from time-to-time. "Love her, we'll always have a special bond," Graham explained. "Saw her in NY not too long ago. I had a nice lunch with TV mom Kelly and Amy S.P. as well. We went to Joe Allen, one of my faves."

Graham didn't reveal what the lunch with Amy Sherman-Palladino was about, but it could have possibly been in regards to a Gilmore Girls movie reunion. Graham said she would definitely be up to doing a movie, and admitted that she loved her character Lorelai.

"I honestly don't know," she said, when asked about the rumors. "I appreciate how many have asked. That character was so special - I wonder what happens to her too! Yes, IF a movie version could be as good as we'd all want it to be, I'd love to play that character again."

The last time Bledel addressed the rumors was in 2010, during an interview with Entertainment Weekly. At the time, she and Graham said that there were no official plans, and they couldn't even speculate on their reaction because Amy hadn't told them anything.

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