Alex Trebek Takes Revenge Against Conan O'Brien


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Alex Trebek has been making headlines for his spunky behavior in addition to his well-known tenure as the host of Jeopardy. Earlier this year, the television personality made headlines for his ability to rap while explaining one of the categories on Jeopardy. Now, Mr. Trebek is making headlines again for a public light-hearted confrontation with another well-known, popular television personality.

Conan O'Brien had originally aired a spoof performance of spliced together clips showing legendary 73-year-old television superstar Alex Trebek in a rather unpredictable light. In response, Trebek took a very public verbal swipe at 50-year-old late night comedian Conan O'Brien during a surprise guest appearance on the Late Night With Conan O'Brien show that seems to have generated quite a bit of attention.

Mr. Trebek began the impromptu appearance with a greeting for the host. "Hello, Conan, you seem to be having a good time here today," he said.

"Hello, Mr. Trebek. Obviously we're all huge fans of your show. I was just doing that to have a little fun," Conan responded.

"That's OK, I'm a big guy, I can look after myself, but I'm here for another reason. I'm worried about you. I've been watching some of your monologues lately, and I'm concerned. I think you are starting to lose it. Take a look and see if you don't agree."

Was the score between the two settled when Mr. Trebek made the special appearance Monday night to put Conan in his comedic place - metaphorically speaking? According to Conan, the Jeopardy host did got even, and proved that he can take a joke as well as dish one out. "OK, Alex, I guess we're even now," Conan told his live studio audience.

Image Via Wikimedia Commons And Courtesy of Nestor Cruz