Alex Karras Only Has Days To Live

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Alex Karras, the former Detroit Lion and star of "Webster", has been given days to live by his doctors after it was determined he is dying of kidney failure.

Karras also suffers from dementia and has been engaged in a lawsuit with the NFL regarding the way head injuries were treated when he was playing. His wife, actress Susan Clark, says the 77-year old was diagnosed with the disease several years ago, but that in recent months his quality of life has suffered because of it. The couple were joined by several other former players in various suits against the NFL for the mishandling of injuries.

"This physical beating that he took as a football player has impacted his life, and therefore it has impacted his family life," Clark said earlier this year. "He is interested in making the game of football safer and hoping that other families of retired players will have a healthier and happier retirement."

The NFL has said they have taken steps over the years to ensure the safety of their players. The Lions issued a statement regarding Karras' prognosis, saying, "The entire Detroit Lions family is deeply saddened to learn of the news regarding the condition of one of our all-time greats, Alex Karras. Perhaps no player in Lions history attained as much success and notoriety for what he did after his playing days as did Alex."

Amanda Crum
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