Alek Skarlatos: Emma Slater Breaks His Nose During "DWTS" Rehearsal, Will She Break His Heart, Too?

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Alek Skarlatos and Emma Slater were paired for this week's switch-up of partners on Dancing With the Stars. Slater actually broke his nose during rehearsal.

Will Emma Slater break Alek Skarlatos' heart, too?

"I really wanted to make my mark," Slater joked about the mishap.

The two agreed on camera to go on a date after answering talking with People magazine about their respective ideas for dream dates.

"I've got a truck and there are some mountains in Oregon," Alek Skarlatos said of his dream date idea. "So we can go up straight up into the mountains in the truck and look at the stars."

Emma Slater liked his plan, but needed Greek food thrown into the mix.

On the dance floor, Alek Skarlatos and Emma Slater were pure magic.

"I kind of knew it would be like that and now I want to watch it back," Emma Slayer said following the passionate rumba the two performed. "From the first day of rehearsal, we were really comfortable with each other. Some people just have that energy that you can have a laugh with straight away and just do normal stuff with."

"I am really lucky with the partner I got for Switch-Up Week," Alek Skarlatos--one of the men who thwarted a terrorist attack in Paris earlier this summer--said. "I think it's the most fun week I've had on the show yet."

Next week the two return to their original Dancing With the Stars partner--Hayes Grier and Lindsay Arnold, respectively.

But about that date--will Emma Slater break Alek Skarlatos heart in addition to his nose? Or might things really click for these two?

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