Albuquerque Police Involved In Another Deadly Shooting

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The Albuquerque Police Department is under scrutiny once again as they are involved in another deadly shooting, the second in the last 10 days.

The first shooting was on March 16, when officers fired stun guns, six live rounds, and beanbags, killing James Boyd, a homeless camper in the Sandia foothills.

According to reports, the second incident found officers shooting and killing a man outside a public housing complex on Tuesday night, who was later identified as Alfred Redwine.

Police say that Redwine opened fire after officers responded to a 911 call a woman made, saying he pointed a gun at two girls.

Redwine had a history of assault with a deadly weapon and domestic abuse.

Redwine’s family insisted he was not armed and was only carrying a cellphone. However, a video released by Police Chief Gordon Eden revealed that shots had been fired before the police fired back.

In the video, officers were heard shouting “Put the gun down, Alfred!”, and a police officer was seen ducking after a series of loud pops. The video was taken from an officer’s lapel camera.

Video of Alfred Redwine being shot by Albuquerque police 

Eden also released photos of Redwine’s gun, along with three spent casings. However, Eden concedes that it’s too early to know “if the shooting was justified.”

Coincidentally, the Redwine shooting occurred merely hours after hundreds of people protested the shooting of Boyd.

Police claimed that Boyd threatened to kill police officers with knives, but a helmet-camera soon revealed that Boyd turned away after gathering his belongings. Boyd’s shooting is the 36th police shooting since 2010.

Gary King, New Mexico Attorney General, said that his office is investigating both shootings to give an objective external assessment to the cases. This comes after the U.S. Department of Justice’s year-long investigation of the police department.

A group claiming to be the global cyber-activist hacker group Anonymous threatened to cyber attack the city, calling the police department “militarized thugs.” Critics have said that the department maintained a culture of force and abuse.

Eden promised to inspect the department “from top to bottom.”

Disturbing video of Albuquerque police killing homeless man James Boyd

Shooting sparks protest

Image via YouTube

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