Albino Buck: 11-Year-Old Kills Rare Deer


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How often is it that an 11-year-old hunter kills a 12-point albino buck, or a 12-point buck at all for that matter?

Not often. However, that is exactly what one Oceola Township, Michigan boy did while was hunting with his father earlier this month.

Gavin Dingman and his father Mick Dingman were on a hunting trip when Gavin shot and killed the rare deer with his crossbow on.

The albino deer was known among the families in the town and several other hunters were on the look out for it. Lucky for Gavin, it was his turn to hunt with his father and he got to it before the other guys.

"The whole neighborhood is familiar with it. Quite a few of the guys in the neighborhood were trying to get it," Mick Dingman told USA Today.

Gavin took a photo with his prized kill and it has since gone viral. Of course there has been mixed emotions over the photo with some animal rights activists upset that the animal was killed and others congratulating him for his harvest.

"He kind of feels like a rock star right now. Everyone is calling, all of the hunting shows and hunting magazines," Mick said.

Gavin admits that he was nervous about taking the shot, even though this wasn't his first deer.

“My dad was just like, ‘Take a deep breath. Are you sure you can take the shot? If you’re not 100 percent, we don’t want to injure it’… I double-lunged it," Gavin recalled of his 30-yard shot.

To celebrate, Mick plans on having the deer placed in a full-body. "It's too rare and too pretty not to spend the extra money and have the whole thing done," Mick said.