Alan Thicke Will Not Air Son's Separation On Show

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Robin Thicke's father Alan Thick has a new reality series called Unusually Thicke, which will be aired on TVGN.

However, Alan explains that Robin's dirty laundry will not be shared on the show. He said that Robin may check up on him from time-to-time in short cameos, but that is all.

"You won't see his drama," Alan said. "You'll see a couple of appearances, cameos by Robin checking up on me. Of course, I'm happy to exploit him as much as possible," he continued with a laugh. "He's clearly an important part of the family and good enough to participate a little bit."

Robin and his wife Paula Patton announced their separation back in February. “We will always love each other and be best friends, however, we have mutually decided to separate at this time,” the couple told PEOPLE in a joint statement.

The couple met when they were teenagers and then married in 2005. The welcomed their first, and only, child Julian Fuego in 2010. Alan said that he hopes Robin and Paula will make the decision that is best for both of them and their son. "I hope whatever they decide to do will make them both happy," Alan said. "That's the key thing. You want your kids to be happy. They're strong, smart and talented people and they'll make great decisions."

Alan explained that his new show, which premiered last night, is not like most sitcoms. “It’s real people in real situations that are happening in our lives but we’re layering it with a sort of sitcom format,” Alan said. “The dialogue is improvised but we know where we’re headed.”

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