Al Sharpton Organizing March On Washington


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Al Sharpton has had a lot to say about some of the recent high profile cases involving white and black people. After the Ferguson decision and the recent decision by a Staten Island grand jury to not bring charges against Daniel Pantaleo, a police officer accused of choking a black man, Sharpton is more upset than ever.

He claims that the country is dealing with a national crisis and is hoping to make people more aware of the situation by organizing a march on Washington.

"We are dealing with a national crisis," Sharpton said. "No amount of secret grand juries with local prosecutors that put up evidence that we do not know is going to stop people from raising the questions and demanding the answers."

Sharpton offered his support to both of the victims' families during the trials and afterward and claims to be acting on their behalf and on the behalf of all African Americans.

"A week from this Saturday, Dec. 13, we are having a national march in Washington, DC where we are calling for the Justice Department to take this case and the case in Ferguson and the case in Cleveland," he said. "It is time for a national march to deal with a national crisis."

While many people are thankful to have him speak and act for them, others have accused Sharpton of instigating the riots and violence associated with these two cases and for causing more harm than good.

Sharpton has been quick to show his disappointment for the recent verdicts and has urged both of the victim's family to continue to seek justice. While he is planning for the march to be a peaceful one, there are so many mixed views and opinions as well as emotions involved with these cases, that it seems like a peaceful march will not be likely.

Do you think Al Sharpton causes trouble or is really helping these situations?