Al Gore Goes Vegan


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The news that Al Gore has decided to go vegan may shock some people, considering that the former Vice President grew up on a cattle ranch.

Could this major diet change have come about because of continual criticism for his climate change activism? After all, he previously disregarded the impact that raising animals in condensed farms had on global warming - a fact that advocates, scientists and experts have long since surmised has a huge impact.

Raising animals for food in condensed conditions creates methane and nitrous oxide gasses - emissions that are much more detrimental to the planets greenhouse effect than Co2. (Carbon Dioxide)

Gore won the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize for his film, "An Inconvenient Truth", and although after receiving that honor, has stated that he had begun reducing his meat consumption due to his concern about the climate - he obviously realized it was time.

His former boss, Bill Clinton made this same announcement over 3 years ago - what took Gore so long? Could it be he is not disclosing health issues that he feels need to be addressed? It is not known as yet, but Clinton made the change due to serious heart issues and has since gotten a clean bill of health. Nobody can argue the fact that a plant-based diet is healing. Those vegetables our parents forced us to eat had some merit after all.

No matter, it's good for those who realized the hypocrisy in Gore claiming to be a climate change guru - but contributing to the issue daily, by his food choices.

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