Air Jordan Brawls: Fights Breakout Across The U.S.

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From the East coast to the West coast, fights ensued at various store locations throughout the U.S. over the new Air Jordan 11 Gamma Blue sneakers, as crowds wrestled and punched each other in corner-bending lines.

One of the brawls took place in Weberstown Mall, in Stockton Calif., where a video shows several men punching each other inside the sneaker store the Finish Line. The video doesn't show what actually sparked the scuffle, but right away you can see several individual fights occurring simultaneously.

One guy, who appears to be a teenager, is seen being pummeled by another gentlemen in an extremely brutal and ruthless manner, while other fighters are being tackled by someone who looks to be a security guard or a member of the staff.

Across the country in the Bronx, N.Y., two people were seen fighting after standing in long lines outside a neighborhood Foot Locker, as some people in the crowd recorded the melee but never tried to break it up. Soon after, cops showed up with mace in hand, spraying the rowdy pair and trying to restore order.

And in Dallas, punches were thrown at the Southwest Center Mall after one group tried to cut in front of another, just to get a better chance of scoring the $185 tennis shoes. Shortly after, police were called to secure the crowd and they remained until the doors were finally opened later that morning.

It seems every year this time legions of sneaker lovers await the latest additions to the Air Jordan series, as Nike does its very best to get all of the Christmas money it can. And for those who are curious why someone would put up with such a hectic environment for a pair of sneakers, one girl said it has everything to do with bragging rights.

"I mean, technically it's not [worth it]." she said to News 12 in New York. "But for bragging rights, it is. It is, it's worth it for bragging rights." Go figure.

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