ADHD: The Secret Benefits Of The Disorder


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ADHD is a serious disorder that affects people of all ages.

While children are commonly diagnosed with ADHD, it can also affect adults.

The symptoms and signs of ADHD include an inability to concentrate, hyperactivity and impulsivity.

While most people look at an ADHD diagnosis as a burden, a recent study shows that there may actually be some benefits of having the disorder.

According to research, people with ADHD are more perceptive and can notice even the smallest of details. This can come in handy in some work situations and in certain aspects of daily life.

Sufferers are also more creative and able to express their emotions better, leading to better relationships.

These positive personality traits can mean that children and adults can learn to operate and use a larger variety of tools and equipment and learn in new and different ways.

Another positive benefit of ADHD is that sufferers may be able to do certain jobs better than others.

Their unique perspectives and ways of handling problems could be necessary for certain situations and could allow them to excel in certain areas.

"In the right environment, these traits are not a disability, and can be a real asset," Weill Cornell Medical College clinical psychiatry professor Richard A. Friedman said in article he wrote for the New York Times.

There is often a stigma associated with an ADHD diagnosis, but the recent study could help remove that stigma and give those with the disorder hope.

Do you think the benefits of ADHD outweigh the negative symptoms?