ADHD Symptoms Linked To Mother's Tylenol Usage


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A new study shows that mothers who used Tylenol on a regular basis while pregnant are more likely to have children with ADHD symptoms. Many doctors give their pregnant patients a list of medicines that are safe to take for small health issues such as headaches, fever and aches and pains, and Tylenol is always listed as one of these safe medications.

The study was based on an ongoing Danish study of 64,000 children and their mothers. While the mothers were pregnant, they were called often to ask if they were taking any pain killers or medication. The mothers who admitted to taking Tylenol were the same mothers who were at a 29 percent higher risk of having a child diagnosed with ADHD, and a 37 percent higher risk of a rarer diagnosis called hyperkinetic syndrome.

The researchers are not positive that Tylenol is entirely to blame and admit that the women who were taking the painkillers could have all been suffering from an underlying disease that not only motivated them to take Tylenol, but could have caused the ADHD symptoms in their children. There are many infections and diseases that can affect the fetus inside the mother who is suffering from that infection or illness.

The study has sparked an interest in the link between Tylenol and certain syndromes. Many doctors have long suspected that Tylenol and other medications that are labeled as safe for pregnant women could really be harmful to the developing fetus.

"I don’t think one study alone is enough to say nobody should use acetaminophen in pregnancy,” said Dr. Jeff Chapa of Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital.

Doctors and researchers say that in spite of the study, they are not claiming that taking one Tylenol will cause a baby to be born with ADHD or another disorder. The study was not able to determine how much is too much. Researchers suggest that pregnant women limit the amount of Tylenol they are taking while pregnant until more studies can be completed and the link between Tylenol and ADHD can be better understood.

Do you think it is safe to take painkillers while pregnant?

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