ADHD Doesn't Have To Be All That Bad


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ADHD is often described by doctors and educators as one of the worst things a child can have. After all, it's terrible if a child can't pay attention, right? As it turns out, ADHD does have some benefits as well.

Business Insider reports that recent research has found that ADHD isn't quite as bad as we previously thought. In fact, it could be said that ADHD offers some benefits to those who have the condition.

Perhaps the most important benefit of ADHD is that it allows those who have it to be more creative. In one study, children with ADHD came up with more creative toy designs than those without it. Adults with the condition performed similarly well when tasked to come up with uses for seemingly unrelated items. There is a downside to all this though. It was found that those with ADHD performed worse than those without when it came to tasks involving abstract concepts.

Speaking of abstract concepts, those with ADHD have also been found to be better at showing their emotions. It's certainly true that giving into every emotion can sometimes be troubling. In this case, however, it's been found that giving into emotions helps us better process them. In other words, those with ADHD will have an easier time of getting through emotional outbursts.

Interestingly enough, ADHD may have also been an evolutionary advantage for some of our ancestors. It's been found that those with the disorder have increased perception which helps them notice things that others may not. It's theorized that early humans with ADHD were the ones who helped tribes spot predators and other dangers.

Finally, those with ADHD may be the perfect candidate for jobs with multiple responsibilities. It's well known that those with the disorder have trouble focusing on any one task. That's why jobs involving a single task are an ADHD sufferer's worst nightmare. Thankfully, many modern jobs now require workers to take on multiple responsibilities and that's where those with ADHD shine. Who knows - it may even one day be something employers look for in job applicants.

All of this isn't to say that living with ADHD is a cakewalk. It can be a terrible disorder with children especially having a really rough time of it. That's why the above pros are only meant to show that it's not all bad. A little hope can go a long way to help those suffering from disorders like ADHD.

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