Adele Tickets Cause Major Disappointment for "Hello" Singer's Fans

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Adele tickets--or the lack thereof--have left many of the "Hello" singer's fans beyond disappointed.

According to a report from Billboard magazine, Adele tickets went on sale Thursday for her American tour, but they were pretty much snapped up in an instant.

Fans are disgusted that many of the Adele tickets were purchased by scalpers who plan to resell them.

Ticketmaster reports that their website didn't crash, as some who tried to procure Adele tickets believed. They did admit that due to the incredibly high volume of traffic, the website was significantly slowed down.

On Thursday approximately 1,000 Adele tickets were available on StubHub. They ranged in price from a high of $10,000 to a low of $245.

Adele and her ticket sales team did their best to avoid scalpers getting their hands on tickets. When her European tour tickets went on sale, fans had to first register on her website. 500,00 complied. 57,000 Adele tickets were purchased in this manner.

Were you among those who tried to score Adele tickets for her upcoming American tour? Did you get tickets? Will you try to buy them from scalpers or on a site like StubHub?

Kimberly Ripley

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