Adam Levine Calls out Lady Gaga in Twitter Rant


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Maroon 5's Adam Levine obviously feels some kind of way about the 'fame monster,' Lady Gaga. On Friday, Levine allegedly took to Twitter to state his level of disdain in regards to the musicianship and artistry of her craft.

While his insults weren't blatant, his words were more than enough to raise speculation that he was taking aim at Gaga. Perhaps Gaga's 'Little Monsters' took offense to his rant, and brought it to her attention or she just happened to notice. Either way, 'Mother Monster' must have felt the tinge of resentment, as she felt more than obliged to respond.


Levine kicked off his subliminal rant when he tweeted:

Gaga wasted little time responding to Levine's underlying criticism in a subliminal tweet of her own:

While the low-key rant remained latent, the release of Gaga's latest video, “Applause” put Levine's comments into perspective proving his evasive criticism was definitely about her. In the new video, she makes several references to famous works of art including, “The Birth of Venus,” a notable painting by Sandro Botticelli.

It took him a while, but three days later, Levine decided to reply to the 27-year-old “Judas,” singer:

Lady Gaga has yet to tweet another response.

Since this isn't the first jab taken at Gaga with the same allegation, it's definitely justifiable for her to be in defense mode. Azealia Banks has also accused the “Bad Romance” singer of stealing the name of Banks' track entitled, “Red Flame.” Gaga has also been compared to Madonna on a number of occasions, being accused of releasing newer versions of some of Madonna's old work. Critics have often compared Gaga's "Born this Way," to Madonna's "Express Yourself," released in 1989. But regardless of what people think, Gaga has a proven track record of success in the music industry. The numbers definitely don't lie.


Image via Wikimedia Commons