Actors Do Tequila Shots on Red Carpet

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I guess for some actors on the red carpet, worry is a common emotion to flow through their heads. Tripping, sweating too much and wardrobe malfunctions happen more often than not causing even the a-listers to fret.

Luckily, Jimmy Kimmel saved the day, helping resolve some of those pre-show jitters.

Jimmy Kimmel Live's goofy red carpet correspondent Guillermo hit the Academy Awards carpet on Sunday where he shared in some great interactions between him and Hollywood's finest.

Guillermo spotted the gorgeous Amy Adams on the carpet and decided to help her out. Not only did he prepare an acceptance speech for the American Hustle actress just in case she won, he also poured her a drink.

"I'd like to thank Guillermo. If he were here, I'd hug him and kiss his mustache," she read.

Guillermo then offered Adams some "speech juice" to help ease her anxious nerves.

"You better not do to much speech juice with too many people," she warned the hilarious red carpet interviewer.

He even made jokes with actors about the hit animated movie Frozen. He said, "it's about Joan River's face."

Guillermo tossed tequila back with Michael Strahan, Maria Menounos, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Channing Tatum and Kristin Chenoweth.

Later, he tried to stir the pot by starting rumors with Meryl Streep and Glen Close about who was the better actress.

We should've known there would be red carpet mischief once he said, "we're going to talk to some celebrities and maybe get them drunk."

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